First Bank of Nigeria Ltd welcomes Alao-Olaifa as non-executive director

Mr. Omotunde Alao-Olaifa, currently the Group Chief Financial Officer at Leadway Insurance, has been appointed as a non-executive director at First Bank of Nigeria Limited.

The appointment of Alao-Olaifa follows the approval of the board and the Central Bank of Nigeria.

At Leadway Holdings, his responsibilities encompass corporate finance, strategy, and principal investments across the group. Additionally, he serves on the boards of Leadway Pensure PFA and C&I Leasing.

His broad experience spans capital raising, acquisition planning, project financing, debt restructuring, asset management and deal structuring.

Previously, he served as an Assistant Manager in the Corporate Banking Division at Fidelity Bank and as an Associate in Investment Banking at Lionstone Group.

Mr. Alao-Olaifa earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Ibadan and a master’s degree in Strategy from Pan-Atlantic University.

He has also completed senior executive programs at both Harvard Business School and London Business School.