Director of Finance at GEPA Honored as Public Sector Finance Personality of the Year

A seasoned financial expert, the Director of Finance at the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), Bernice Ampofo has been recognized as the Public Sector Finance Personality of the Year at the 4th InstinctBusiness CFO Awards held on May 17, 2024 at the luxurious Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

With over 20 years of experience in various finance positions, Bernice has demonstrated exceptional expertise in financial statement preparation, analysis and presentation, budgeting, cash flow management, risk management, and regulatory compliance. Her remarkable ability to lead, inspire, and motivate her team, coupled with her skillful communication of complex financial concepts to stakeholders, executives, board members, and team members, has set her apart in the field.

Throughout her career journey at GEPA, she has been instrumental in guiding her team towards achieving their goals, and she is known for her ability to communicate complex financial concepts in a clear and understandable manner to a wide range of stakeholders, combined with her empathy, self-awareness, and adeptness at navigating interpersonal dynamics within her team.

In the Industry, Bernice is well known for her innovative problem-solving skills, which enable her to identify issues, analyze data, and develop creative solutions to complex financial challenges. Her strategic thinking aligns financial goals with overall business objectives, ensuring long-term success and adaptability to changes in regulations, technology, and market conditions. Also, her resilience, time management, honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior further distinguish her as a leader in the finance sector.

Aside the aforementioned, Bernice’s zeal to build and maintain relationships through collaboration and negotiation, combined with her resilience, integrity, and strategic thinking, has also made her a standout leader in the finance sector. Her innovative solutions and adaptive approach to changing regulations, technology, and market conditions continue to drive GEPA’s financial success.

Bernice Ampofo, Director of Finance, Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA)

Expressing her excitement after receiving such a prestigious accolade, Bernice said “I am deeply humbled and honored to receive the Public Sector Finance Personality of the Year award. This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of my team at GEPA. This is not just a mere award; it is an encouragement to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence in the public sector finance landscape.

“Together, we strive to align our financial goals with the broader business objectives of the organization, driving financial excellence and contributing to the growth and success of our dynamic institution. I am grateful for this accolade and remain committed to fostering innovation and transformation in public sector finance.” She added.

Mrs. Ampofo’s award is a testament to her unwavering dedication to advancing finance in the public sector. Her exceptional leadership and innovative approach have significantly contributed to the development and efficiency of financial operations at GEPA, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to promoting Ghana’s export sector.

Bernice’s extensive qualifications which have enabled her to accrue such expertise in the industry include ICA(GH), MBA in Finance, MA in Corporate Leadership and Governance, BSc in Administration (Accounting), Diploma in Oil and Gas Accounting, and Diploma in Insurance,

Resonating around the theme “Innovation & Transformation in Finance”, the 4th InstinctBusiness CFO Awards 2024 brought together inspiring leaders and stakeholders who are driving innovation in the finance industry.

This year, visionary financial leaders from across all industries including insurance, manufacturing, oil & gas, technology amongst others were celebrated for their stellar contributions to the industry.

The event served as a beacon of excellence, providing an essential platform for professionals, thought leaders, and organizations in Ghana to celebrate and promote outstanding achievements in finance.


The gala night lifted the veil on exceptional roles played by financial executives like Bernice Armah Ampofo in providing growth and innovations towards their organization’s sustainability.

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