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About IBCFO Summit

The InstinctBusiness CFO summit will bring together visionary financial leaders across the African continent to share best practices and discuss innovative trends shaping the financial sector.

This annual gathering will serve as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge exchange of financial thought leaders in the industry. This event provides a platform for top CFOs, Head of Finance, high-level executives, analysts and pundits to gather and take part in conversations that shape future policy decisions of finance in a more relaxed environment.

The event will also celebrate and lift the veil on exceptional roles played by financial executives and their team in providing growth and innovations towards their organization’s sustainability. Recognition will also be bestowed on firms that provided them with the services, support and technology that enabled their success.

Why participate in the annual Instinctbusiness CFO Summit?

Access high-level networking with the continent’s leading financial decision makers.

Seize new business opportunities in an environment conducive for business transactions.

Benefit from the analysis of consultants from leading consultancy firms to guide or reinforce your strategy in the private and public sector.

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Glimpse of our Past Events

Here are some pictorial glimpses of the CFO Summit from 2017 till date. These pictures are taken from both the CFO Summit and Awards in Ghana and Nigeria respectively.